[CQ-Contest] QSO Party Spam

bruce makas k1my at msn.com
Sun Apr 6 14:33:55 EDT 2003

As long as it's contest related I'm all for it. What I am NOT for is more
rules and regulations; they then spawn further e mails about people breaking
the rules. Just let it be. I have a delete key and I'm sure that you do as

73, Bruce K1MY

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> I'm going to ask this question only once, then I will shut up on this
> How do the participants in this reflector feel about receiving what
> to press releases about state QSO parties every few days?  Is this
> something you don't mind, is it something you're interested in, or is it
> something you find presumptuous and annoying, like the unwanted spam which
> fills our e-mail in-boxes?
> I ask this question because I want to establish (if for no one other than
> myself) what the users of this reflector (and moderator) think is
> The annual "spamming" of CQ-Contest by the sponsors of the Florida QSO
> Party has begun, almost a month before the event occurs.  Why they do this
> is understandable - they are trying to promote their event; nothing wrong
> with that.
> There are other state QSO parties which are on the schedule before FQP.
> is next weekend, MI the following weekend, THEN comes FQP.  I'm sure the
> sponsors of these and other state QSO parties are just as interested in
> publicity and promotion.  But at the same time let's be honest - state QSO
> parties are the most important to the sponsors, and those in the target
> I am the chairman of the Michigan QSO Party committee.  Our philosophy for
> using CQ-Contest to promote our event has been to refrain until the week
> the contest.  Otherwise we confine MiQP announcements to a mailing list
> which we maintain of previous entrants, our e-mail reflector
> (MiQP-Mail at miqp.org) and some targeted mailings to known in-state
> Despite the tone of this note, this is not intended as a blast at the FQP
> folks.  I count many of the FCGers who work behind the scenes as friends
> who run a great event and I wish them luck.  However, I think they are
> taking advantage of this reflector for purposes of publicity, but if no
> seems to mind that's OK.  If that's the case, then count on MiQP (and I
> would suspect other QSO parties as well) to ratchet up the PR spam.  We
> have organizational activities for the contest going on like an on-line
> filling in with counties to be activated, in case you're interested.
> Speaking now as a CQ-Contest subscriber, I would like to see a policy
> state QSO party announcements are limited to the week of the event.  This
> should be plenty to time to establish awareness of the event and get
> on the air.  It will also eliminate PR overlap between succeeding events
> and reduce confusion in the minds of the casual participant that we're all
> trying to attract.
> Now I'll QRT on this subject.
> 73,
> Dave/K8CC
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