[CQ-Contest] QRZ no call

Martin Luther luther at penalvagold.net
Mon Apr 7 01:49:59 EDT 2003


Not all the idiots are on one side of this. As most of you know the vast
majority of the time I give my call each time. In a recent contest I was
doing just that. I worked a few stations and each time I could tell there
was someone just underneath the callers. Not a big pile just two or three
each time. So I made the next one just qsl qrz to let the lower level
station have a go and immediately got a very loud "caw caw" from one of the
crows again drowning out the weaker signal. I just waited and fortunately
the weaker station gave his call again

No, I won't identify him as it was probably an aberration brought on by
sleep deprivation or the adverse health effects caused by watching too much
TV Hi.

I have even had the "CAW Caw" straight after I have given my call. At least
a little patience is called for!

However, my point is that there are times when I do not identify with my
call sign and they are deliberate. It will be no more than a third of a
minute before it comes on again there is no need to generate QRM by CAWing
on the frequency. If you do not like the way I operate my station please
feel free to tune right on past.

Martin VK5GN (VK7??)

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