[CQ-Contest] QSO Party Spam

Cqtestk4xs at aol.com Cqtestk4xs at aol.com
Sun Apr 6 22:50:33 EDT 2003

Thank you Steve (K7LXC) for the kind words about the FCG and FQP.  Our 
officers have busted butt to bring the Florida QSO Party a new life.

Back in the 1980s WC4E and myself were the only ones doing the FQP seriously. 
 He won the CW and I won the SSB several years in a row.  The contest was 
then sponsored by Florida Skip which was kind of a Florida Radio Newspaper.  
The promotion was non-existant and the head honcho of the contest told me 
that he didn't think that Jeff and I should receive the plaques because we 
didn't subscribe to the Florida Skip.  He was serious!

Thanks to K4OJ, K1TO, WD4AHZ, WC4E and several others this dinosaur was 
brought back to life in 1998 and has become pretty popular.  As the plaque 
coordinator for the FQP, I can promise you at least 20 plaques will be 
offered in the upcoming FQP in 2003.  We are still coordinating the 
sponsoring of the plaques but it should be finalized within 7-10 days.  By 
the way, with the exception of our European friends, everyone should have 
received his or her plaque for the 2002 FQP.  The boys in Eu should be 
getting them within a couple of weeks.  They have been shipped surface mail.

Thanks for the great support of the FQP in the amateur contesting community. 
I hope to see lots of you later this month. 

Bill K4XS

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