[CQ-Contest] Re: QRZ no call

Ward Silver hwardsil at centurytel.net
Sun Apr 6 20:31:36 EDT 2003

> However, my point is that there are times when I do not identify with my
> call sign and they are deliberate. It will be no more than a third of a
> minute before it comes on again there is no need to generate QRM by CAWing
> on the frequency. If you do not like the way I operate my station please
> feel free to tune right on past.
> Martin VK5GN (VK7??)

I agree with Martin on this one, although US stations are SUPPOSED to ID
with each contact.  I don't mind listening to a snappy operator working down
the pileup quickly at a good rate, giving his call every second or third
QSO.  I know I'm going to get through quickly and they'll ID without wasting
much of my time.  What frosts me, and probably most of you, is the lid that
takes a good half-minute or more to make each agonizing QSO and then...to
make sure we're all driven completely nuts...doesn't ID.

When I have a pileup going, I tend to sign every time (at a fairly fast
clip), but I have listened to K7SS and others kick it into "high gear" to
make temporary peaks in their pileup rate.  While each peak might not add
much, over 48 hours they add a lot!  You might wonder where that extra 10%
comes from that the very top operators get...they can just surf and surf and
surf that pileup by being flexible and not slavishly (some might say
robotically) following a strict regimen for each QSO.

73, Ward N0AX

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