[CQ-Contest] US Counties QSO Party

David A. Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Wed Apr 9 17:55:29 EDT 2003

I think a lot of potential participants (at least here in the Midwest) for 
this event will be busy with something else - the Dayton Hamvention - on 
that weekend.

At 02:21 PM 4/9/03 -0300, Scott Nichols wrote:
>  The innaugural running of the US Counties QSO Party-SSB will be held May 
> 17 and 18, 2003...It's a 48 hour SSB contest starting 0000z May 17 and 
> ending 2359z May 18...It's sponsored by the Mobile Amateur Radio Awards 
> Club (MARAC)...
>This is a revamped version of the old MARAC County Hunters Contest-SSB, 
>which we are trying to bring back to life this year...
>Think of it as a 50 State QSO Party, all at once...Each of the 3,077 US 
>Counties is a multiplier, so not much of a chance for a sweep (!), but 
>lots of multipliers to look for all weekend...Great chance to fill in some 
>of the holes in your USA-CA award, or even qualify for the basic level of 
>500 counties for USA-CA...Mobile operation is, of course, strongly 
>We are 90% sure at this point that a Writelog module will be ready for 
>this years contest, which will greatly assist in the logging/scoring end 
>of things...I say 90% sure because, well, I don't want to make a promise 
>that someone else can't keep...It's in the works now, I know that...I 
>personally wrote the mult file and we will post a TXT, PDF, DOC and XLS 
>version of this file on the contest website which can be downloaded and 
>printed for reference...Each county has been assigned a 5 letter "code", 
>consisting (in most cases) of the first 3 letters of the county name and 
>the 2 letter standard state abbreviation...This obviously didn't work in 
>every case, so there are exceptions...
>Full contest rules at  http://www.stpaulisland.net/countycontest.html
>Please note that some magazines and websites have the contest scheduled 
>for April 5/6, 2003...This info is incorrect...That was carried over from 
>last year...The magazines were notified, but apparently not in time...The 
>above website contains the proper, official information...
>Hope you can participate!!
>Scott VE1OP
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