[CQ-Contest] Fishy spots in WPX SSB

Paul O'Kane paul at ei5di.com
Fri Apr 11 07:45:29 EDT 2003

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> From: "Hans K0HB" <k0hb at earthlink.net>

> > From: Tom Horton <k5iid at ntelos.net>
> >   I have a novel idea!!!! Do away with spotting during
> >   contests all together!
> I fervently second the motion.  Let's make radiosport a
> test of human operating skills, not a pathetic exercise in
> chasing down the crippled game that someone else has
> pointed out to them.

Self-spotting is the direct equivalent of calling CQ.  When
you combine another technology with amateur radio contesting,
you have to take the bad with the good (if there is any).

I'm with Tom and Hans on this one.

Paul EI5DI

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