[CQ-Contest] ARRL DX CW Spots

George Harlem, W1EBI w1ebi at lightband.com
Sat Apr 12 00:58:14 EDT 2003

For my first posting to CQ Contest, I'll float a question that intrigues

Every cluster I've signed into has come back to me with a "Welcome,
George" the first time I signed on.  If the packet sysops maintain a
current FCC database, why would a non-entity even be connected when
signing on with a "ghost" callsign?

George W1EBI

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On Fri, 11 Apr 2003, Jamie Dupree wrote:

> While the thread is on spots again, here is some data from
> the ARRL DX contests.  On the CW weekend, there were
> spots made by 24 US calls that were not actively licensed
> by the FCC.  A second posting follows for the SSB test.
> This is raw data.  All the US calls were checked against
> current internet databases for US licensees.  The US call
> on the left is the call of the spotting station.
> K1QL      14030.0 JT1BV       arrl                          1318 15
Feb 2003

Gee, this is a big mystery to me.  What is the reason for this?  Are
people who have changed callsigns but kept their TNC's set up with their
old calls?  Are there people connected to packet who are sending in
entries as unassisted?  Or are there ghosts in the system?

All of the above?  None of the above?  Would someone who actually posted
one of these spots dare to come forward and explain?

Zack W9SZ

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