[CQ-Contest] An evil reason behind fishy spots?

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> Then there's KAOS (KG5U's Access of Service attack):
> I, in my contest QRPness, come on a big pileup.  hmmm...can't break it...I
> log on to the local cluster with a bogus call, spot a much rarer station,
> say a YI 20 or 30 kHz up the band, and log off.  I re-log on as another
> bogus caller, spot the YI yet again, log off. One or two more times, and
> suddenly the pileup I'm wanting to break has broken itself and I step in
> make the Q and/or mult with the pilee (who is still wondering what
> to his pileup) and move on to the next QSO.

I have always wondered why the PacketCluster software isn't changed to
require a callsign and password to connect.  This password would have to bet
set up in advance with the node owner.

Wouldn't this eliminate the "spotting with a bogus callsign" problem?  I
think that the slight inconvienience this might cause to a handfull of
people would make very little difference.

Maybe I'm missing something here??

Another one that has always baffled me.....why don't the packetCluster
software writers eliminate the "feature" that allows one to spot for someone


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