[CQ-Contest] Fishy spots in WPX SSB

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Sat Apr 12 12:39:47 EDT 2003

>>  I know in my case if spotting networks were disallowed in contests I
>>  would shut my node down as it would no longer serve any purpose for
>>  me... and I know there are many other contesters who would do the
>>  David Robbins K1TTT
> The above statement would be at the expense of those of us who are
> casual contesters. I always try to work the known Big Guns in a
> contest, even if I planning no more than a few hours in a test.
> I enjoy finding something on the rareish side, and then sharing
> it on the cluster network; for those who are in the contest only to
> better their DXCC, WAZ etc totals. ( There are many of us )
> If I were aware that  you had put your above statement in practise.,
> I would not qso with you in the test. Not that you would need another
> VE/VA3 .
> It seems that serious contesters would force complience to the rules
> at the expence of the vast numbers of us who are just participating
> in a casual way. I  would suggest Contesters police themselves,
> rather than the whole amateur community.

You misunderstand my statement.  I would not shut it down to enforce the
rules, I would shut it down because the rules would prohibit my use of
it.  I spend considerable time and money running my node and am happy to
provide the service to fellow amateurs, but my only interest in running
it is for contests.  I do not hunt dx awards, the use of it for mail and
chatting has been superceded by internet services, and it has only
marginal usefulness for emergency communications.   If I had to stop
using it because contest rules were changed to prohibit my using it
there would be no more reason for me to support it.

David Robbins K1TTT
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