[CQ-Contest] DQ'ing self spotters

Chuck k3ft at erols.com
Sat Apr 12 09:37:38 EDT 2003

Zoli Pitman wrote  "Yes, there is. The Contest Commitee can DQ these
stations and make the public known that they were DQ'd because of

Currently, this is unworkable and unenforceable AND will lead to an even
greater battle than that generated when someone posts 'Code should/should
not be done away with!"

The reason it is CURRENTLY unenforceable is that anyone can simply change
their callsign in thier TNC settings and log on with whatever callsign they

So, there is CURRENTLY no standard system in place to verify the legitimacy
of the person signing in. As put earlier.. perhaps it is time to work to
engage such a method. THEN it can be enforced, equitably, honestly, and with

Let me put it this way..

I spoof HA1AG by logging in under your callsign. I self spot 'myself'.
 Under your scenario, the Contest Committee would DQ HA1AG for self
spotting. Since their decisoin is final, you are out of luck. You are now
painted as a 'bad op' and your log is not valid.

I am NOT disagreeing with your sentiments.. only that the current system
does not have the function enabled to permit what you seek.

Perhaps this will spur folks to engage in doing so?

Chuck K3FT

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