[CQ-Contest] Fishy spots in WPX SSB

George Harlem, W1EBI w1ebi at lightband.com
Sat Apr 12 09:40:43 EDT 2003

...it is not the 'assisted' category that is the problem.  The problem
are abusers who enter in any category where the contest sponsors have
forbidden self spotting, or any use of packet at all, and who then break
the rule by spotting themselves...

And those, suggested by some on this thread, who use spots and enter as
unassisted.  There are normally two separate contest categories, so the
cluster users are not pitted against those contesters who operate
without spotting aid.  Personally, I would prefer the assisted category
to be futher broken into HP and LP, but I don't consider myself a less
worthy contester because I choose to operate assisted.  All together
now:  "It's just a hobby."

George W1EBI

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