[CQ-Contest] An evil reason behind fishy spots?

Zack Widup w9sz at prairienet.org
Sun Apr 13 12:36:20 EDT 2003

Hi Gary!

On Fri, 11 Apr 2003, Gary K9GS wrote:

> I have always wondered why the PacketCluster software isn't changed to
> require a callsign and password to connect.  This password would have to bet
> set up in advance with the node owner.
> Wouldn't this eliminate the "spotting with a bogus callsign" problem?  I
> think that the slight inconvienience this might cause to a handfull of
> people would make very little difference.
> Maybe I'm missing something here??

My thought on this is that it would stop a lot of people from having the
freedom to check into many different telnet packetcluster systems.  On our
local systems which are also on telnet, K9CW and K9USA, there are often
connections by hams from all around the world.  I don't know where they
get the telnet addresses, but I consider them welcome there.

> Another one that has always baffled me.....why don't the packetCluster
> software writers eliminate the "feature" that allows one to spot for someone
> else?

I think it started as a courtesy thing - you hear DX1DX call CQ, you hear
W1XXX work him first, and you spot for W1XXX since he was the firt one.
Or something like that.  I only see this as a problem during contests,
with the occasional packet pirate, and on Halloween, when you see all the
spots by GH0ST, GH0UL, etc.  :-)

> 73,
>  Gary

Likewise, Zack W9SZ

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