[CQ-Contest] ES Open on Saturday, April 19th!

Tonno Vahk tonno.vahk at mail.ee
Wed Apr 16 16:25:14 EDT 2003

I would like to remind to all contesters about our little ES contest this
Saturday. We hope for quite active foreign participation this year and
definitely better propagation than last year. You are very welcome to join!
There are vey nice prizes for the winners of international sections and you
can find a big number of ES stations active on 80 and 40 meters.

ES OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP 2003 takes place on April 19th 05.00 - 08.59 UTC on 40m
and 80m simultaneously.
Classes (all HP): A-Mixed, B-SSB, C-CW, D-Multi Op, E-SWL
Foreign stations can work only ES stations.
There are 4 one hour periods and you can work a station once on both bands
in a period. So maximum 8 times!
Multipliers are ES region prefixes (ES1-0) on both band and mode. So 20 for
CW and SSB and 40 for MIXED class.
Report is RST + QSO number.
CW QSOs give 2 points and SSB QSOs 1 point. Score is the sum of QSO points
times total multiplier.

You can find results from previous years and rules at ERAU web page
There are also hints about configuring TR and Super Duper for ES Open at
ERAU web page.

Logs (any ASCII files) should be sent to esopen at erau.ee

I know it is mostly for EU contesters due to the time of the day but there
is also very good DX propagation on 40m still at 5-6 UTC (2-3 hours past our
sunrise). It is no problem to work NA and SA and Pacific LP. Guys usually
start on 80m so keep your ears open from 05.30 UTC on 40m!:)

CU on April 19th!


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