[CQ-Contest] DOS Logging under Windows XP

Rick Tavan tavan at tibco.com
Tue Apr 22 13:18:42 EDT 2003

Strongly suggest you punt this approach. Put a second partition on your 
disk, install Win 98 and run both CT and TR out of DOS windows under 98. 
When you boot to XP, it can read your 98 partition although the XP 
partition will likely be HPFS and invisible when booted under 98.

Some versions of Windows have a built-in capability for setting up 
multiple partitions. Dunno which ones. Partition Magic is a great 
product that can do it starting with most versions of Windows. Although 
it seems scary and a pre-partition full disk backup is prudent, PM 
worked without a hitch for me long after my Win 2000 system was 
established. Yes, it moved data around to free up contiguous space for 
the new partition and nothing broke.

I can almost guarantee you will have less trouble with the 
multi-partition approach than with any of the I/O emulators.

/Rick N6XI

Bruce Sawyer wrote:

>If there is anybody here who has succeeded in configuring the Direct I/O program from Ingenieurbuero Paule to allow CT or TR to operate under Windows XP, I would very much appreciate hearing from you directly.  I recently had to upgrade from Windows ME to Windows XP, and now I have discovered what every other XP user apparently already knew:  "safe mode" under XP still won't allow direct access to COM or LPT ports.  So, following K5TR's advice, I got an evaluation copy of Direct I/O, but can't seem to get it configured correctly.  Help!  

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