[CQ-Contest] 2003 Nebraska QSO Party

Ed - K0iL k0il at arrl.net
Fri Apr 25 13:12:49 EDT 2003

    The Heartland DX Association of Nebraska & Iowa

                         Invites You To

           ***   The Nebraska QSO Party   ***
                      April 26th & 27th
       1700 zulu Saturday to 1700 zulu Sunday

No point in telling you about this too early, right?

Yes, we're way behind on everything at NQP Headquarters, but we're getting 
caught up now.  Hey, I didn't get my FQP Certificate until just last week! 
 So we're not alone.  It's been quite a year all around, hasn't it?

For complete NQP rules, details, paperwork & last year's results go to:

There are 93 counties in Nebraska but, as usual, don't look for all of them 
to be active.  We just don't have that many hams here, and even fewer 
contesters; but you Sweepstakes guys already knew that.  If you live near 
Nebraska and have mobile HF capabilities, come on over and have some fun 
running counties.

Special Stations to look out for:
NI0DX - Might be active on 10 meters Saturday afternoon from Camp Cedars 
Boy Scout Camp in Saunders County, and Sunday morning on the drive home 
from camp.  Let's pray for propagation on 10!

W7DRA - Mike from Oregon will be operating portable again this year (even 
though we misplaced his log last year--SORRY MIKE! But he's coming back 
anyway!  Forgiveness is good. ;^))

K0AIR - Strategic Air Command Memorial Club may be operating again from 
Douglas County's EOC underground.

And rumor mill has it that the famous K0USA may also be on the air so 
everyone can ask what the heck "AKSARBEN" ARC means!  (hint: get a mirror)

With FQP & NQP going on at the same time, work all of the Nebraska & 
Florida stations that you can then sort them afterward and send in all the 
logs.  Just Call "CQ N-F QP" or maybe F-N QP!  Just work it!  See you in 
the Party.

de ed -K0iL
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Expanded Recommended NQP Reading List:
"It's Not The End Of The Earth, But You Can See It From Here"
 by Roger Welsch.
"It's Not About The Bike" by Lance Armstrong
"The Enemy Is Listening" by Aileen Clayton

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