[CQ-Contest] Request for Signal Reports, PLEASE

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Apr 28 21:09:15 EDT 2003

Please report back to me and I will summarize and re-post back out the 
crunched data...

If you were on this past weekend in the Florida QSO Party please respond 
as follows:

Florida Participants - Who was loud calling you - ex: I was mobile and 
know for example that N9RV was almost always bonkers loud.  Relative 
reports are sufficient - do not need s-meter readings, etc.

Outside of Florida - Who was loud form Florida - please summarize your 
comments into two categories - the fixed stations and separately the 

Part of this is research - there were many different types of mobile 
antennas used this past weekend by the mobiling teams - as a matter of 
fact I do not think there were two identical approaches from any of the 
teams!  We would like to summarize this information and use it to better 
our signals.

Florida stations - lets all think back to those who called us and we 
thought "gee I wish I sounded like: __________"

Again - please respond privately and I will summarize and re-post.

This has no effect on scoring whatsoever so you can be honest about how 
weak N4TO may have been - of course team TOad beat everyone's butts once 
again - how do they do it - come to the contest dinner at Dayton to find 
out half the answer to that question!


Jim, K4OJ

part of the K4FCG/m team

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