[CQ-Contest] Re: Rabbits and Love Bugs and the K4FCG mobile saga

Bruce Sawyer n6nt at arrl.net
Wed Apr 30 08:51:59 EDT 2003

KC1F observed:

"-  K4FCG and K4FQP were consistently s7 to s9.  N4TO did seem a bit weaker
consistently, if I remember correctly.  Maybe Doppler shift from driving
faster ?"

What I heard out here in the far left (SCV section) was similar to Stu's
observations.  K4FCG and K4FQP were generally about equal...just marginally
above what I define as ESP.  I certainly wouldn't have given them s7 to
s9...more like s3 to s4.  (But then I don't really have an antenna here,
either!)  And as Stu noted, N4TO was almost always down below FCG and FQP.
However, I also think W5WMU was consistently stronger than the other
mobiles.  For those of us who tracked these and other mobile stations around
the state it would be of interest to hear what those different mobile setups
were.  I'd love to know what W5WMU was using so I could duplicate it myself.
Likewise, I think I'll pass on N4TO's brand X antenna setup.

Bruce, N6NT

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