[CQ-Contest] 3 second ON/OFF - QRM on 20mtrs?

Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Wed Apr 30 11:04:16 EDT 2003

> Absolutely a pain in Nevada. It drove me nuts during the Florida
> QSO Party.
> Aside from the "buzz", there were periods of white noise that covered big
> parts of the CW band. With the FQP mobiles so weak, it was almost
> enough to
> drive me to operate SSB.

I haven't heard the 3 second on/off QRM, but I have been hearing what sounds
like some kind of wideband signal from 14024 to 14029, centered on 14026.8.

I can just barely hear it on my FT-100 in the car. It's weak on my vertical,
but s-5-7 on my C3.

Swinging the beam, it's very weak off to the northwest, west, east and
southeast, with a peak at about 30 degrees.

Is it just me or do others hear it?
dale, kg5u

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