[CQ-Contest] Detecting Packet Use - process and techniques

Leigh S. Jones kr6x at kr6x.com
Fri Aug 1 08:28:04 EDT 2003

Interesting question.  Our moderator has quite a bit of experience as
man doing the log checking.  He's going to be quite sensitive to the
that face the sponsors.  Can we, as a forum, expect that our best
will be discharged if advocacy for the rights of entrants vs. sponsors
not be allowed?  That would certainly lead to one-sided discussions.

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> In response to a recent posting I speculated on how the CQ WW
software for
> detecting packet use might work and why it probably can only be used
> detect blatant cheaters. The basic technique was described on this
> in a previous thread.
> My posting was bounced by the list moderator in which he stated " I
> think it's a good idea to post comments on how someone might get
> (break) the rules.  Questioning the process is fine."
> In keeping with the moderator's comments about questioning the
process I
> would like to ask if a frank, open and uncensored discussion about
> techniques that are or may be used by CQ WW is valid topic for this
> reflector?
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