[CQ-Contest] Re: [TCG] TCG NAQP Teams, second round

Ny4n at aol.com Ny4n at aol.com
Sat Aug 2 00:02:31 EDT 2003

We have five full teams at this time, but any last minute players are still 
welcome. I will not be able to do anything till around 8 AM in the morning, 
will send final cut to the team recorder. Still have time to make changes. Keep 
'em coming. Jeff  NY4N

TCG # 1; Team Liberty

K4WX                DON                TN               FT
VE1OP              SCOTT             NS              FT      
K4RO                KIRK                TN              FT
W4CAT             SPRITE             TN              FT
VA7ST              BUD                  BC             FT

TCG # 2, Team Freedom

K4LTA               BILL                 TN              FT
W4NZ                TED                 TN              FT
K4AMC             JIM                   TN              PT
KOEJ                MARK               TN              PT
WO4O               RIC                  TN              PT

TCG # 3, Team Stars

K4BEV              DON                 TN              PT
NY4N                JEFF                TN              PT
W4TYU             JEAN                TN              PT
KE4OAR           SPRITE             TN              PT
W9WI                DOUG              TN              PT

TCG # 4, Team Stripes
K3CQ                BILL                  TN              PT     
W4TDB              TOM                 TN              PT
N4DW                 DAVE               TN             PT  
> WM4Q              ROB                  TN              PT
> KM4H                MIKE                TN              PT
> TCG # 5, Team Old Glory
> N5NW               DOC                 OH             PT
> WN4M               GREG              TN              PT
> KF4TJE              STAN               TN              PT
W4BCG              BILL                 TN             PT
W4DAN             DAN                  TN             PT  


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