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Mon Aug 4 16:36:10 EDT 2003

Just reading the cq-contest archive, and came across your message.  K1TTT had some good suggestions, but I also must throw out the obvious, as some people may overlook it.  The stubs must be placed on a T connector, with the T-connector right on the stub box if possible.  When cutting the length of the stubs, the conductor length inside the switchbox must be accounted for.
I'm sure you know that, but just in case....  :-)
Chad WE9V
You wrote:
I have just recently tried using the Top Ten stub box (double stub) and my
own homebrew stubs (and stub switching box) on my main CQ radio and am
puzzled by the ineffectiveness of both.  I obviously must be doing something
wrong but can't figure it out.

The set up is radio-ICE 419-amplifier-LPF-wattermeter/sensor-stub
box-wattmeter-WX0B 6 pack box-manual antenna switches  -antennas.  I also
have a 419 in the receive loop on the second radio.

The LPF and wattmeter/sensor are connected to amp using right angle
connectors and the stub box using 10' of supplied RG-214.

The test setup is transmitting on 3510, 7010 or 14010 and listening on the
2nd, 3rd, etc., harmonic on the second radio. 20 and main 40 meter antennas
are on the same tower but all the other combinations are on different
towers.   What I am finding with this setup is no change in s meter reading
on the second radio listening on the harmonics when I switch the stub box


Mike W9RE

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