[CQ-Contest] Testing Stubs

Peter pb0aiu at planet.nl
Tue Aug 5 19:56:04 EDT 2003

Dave Hachadorian wrote:

> > Have a look at http://www.pi4cc.nl/tips/stubs/index.htm for some
> > pictures
> Peter,
> The paint cans look like a great idea, but I am trying to understand
> the pictures.

> Why are there two coax connectors on the can, rather than one?
> Is it just to eliminate a coax tee?

Yes. The two connectors are use as T.  Now you can put the filter in any place in line.
Inside the can there is a smale copper wire between them. Here you can solder the inner
conductor of the coax to  this wire The shield is soldered direct to the top of the can
(can find the word :-)

> It looks like there are three pieces of coax going into the can.
> Why three? Are they different stubs for different harmonics?

We use the stubs as printed on http://www.k1ttt.net/technote/k2trstub.html and the 40 has
in this config 3 stubs
Even the single stub for 160 meter (92') will fit in the painting can

If more pictures are needed, I can take them

> Thanks

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