[CQ-Contest] If You Don't QSL, LISTEN UP!

Marc Wullaert ON4MA marc.wullaert3 at pandora.be
Wed Aug 6 20:17:12 EDT 2003

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> KC1XX perspective:
> About three years ago, I did a mass mailing for KC1XX - we sent out about
> QSL cards to DX stations via the bureau confirming about 66K unique
> QSOs. You can read more about the effort here:
>   http://www.ad1c.com/HamRadio/kc1xx_qsl.htm
> I'll give you some some of the conclusions before my editorial comments:
>   1.  It's expensive!  We spent over $2000 to confirm those QSOs.

$2000 is a nut if you see all the hardware/stations you have at KC1XX !!

A lot of bigguns are showing the world how tey construct super big stations
on the web but QSL-CARDS are to expensive .Common guy's.
Did they ever think how many qso's they gonna loose after years  :-((

I did operate John ON4UN station in contesting and one week after the
contest all
cards are in the buro.Thats John strategy : QSL's and they will call you
back in the
next contest .And change sometime the view of cards help also !!!

There are good programs for printing cards after the contest .Even if you
work a station
on 6bands it cost you only 1 card !!Look at BV-QSL.Fantastic !!!

Happy Contesting

ON4MA Marc

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