[CQ-Contest] RE: [DX] ARRL BPL Video

Danny Douglas ddouglas at gcc.vccs.edu
Thu Aug 7 13:41:38 EDT 2003

Pretty much what I expected when I first heard of BPL.  Having worked in
so-called "RF free" rooms, and having heard my own computer equipment
getting into the HF equipment being tested there, It is no supprise to hear
the high level inteference coming through.  The higher the data rate,( I.E.
more users) the higher the interference we can expect.

I will be commenting, to the FCC, on this system. In that comment I will
also advise them that if I hear any inteference from a BPL system, I will
immediately be contacting them for relief under part 9 rules.  With no
satisfaction from that, I am more than willing to participate in legal
action against the provider and users of the BPL and against the FCC for
approving such a system that they know will intefere with HF communications.
There is no justification of any kind for approval of construction or
installation of equipment which would cause inteference problems to other
services from which they have over-sight responsibilities.

I urge each reader to send their comments, on this matter, to the FCC, and
to enlist any other HF users to do so.  That would, of course, CB clubs,
your local law enforcement, fire and emergency squads, governtmental
agencies etc.  As it will intefere with every one of those systems that use

If we have ever need to fight a battle, it is right now.

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