[CQ-Contest] "Z" in UBN Reports?

Richard J. Norton ae327 at lafn.org
Thu Aug 7 12:34:32 EDT 2003

The UBN report explanation, http://www.cqww.com/cqwwubn.htm, on the
WWW.CQWW.COM web-site has been upgraded to include the very infrequently used
"Z" designation.

Z= Zeroed-out-contact. This contact was essentially removed from your log, just
as if it had never occurred. No penalties are imposed.

Z applies to contacts adjudicated to be with pirates or with stations using
illegally assigned callsigns. Z might also be applied to "contacts" claimed
that are deemed to be outside the spirit of the contest, such as multi-operator
stations exchanging lists of contacts with each other's operators, each signing
"portable." Note that this particular practice appears to have been stopped
many years ago.


Dick, N6AA

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