[CQ-Contest] If You Don't QSL, LISTEN UP!

Jim Rhodes k0xu at iowadsl.net
Fri Aug 8 09:20:36 EDT 2003

I too have had less than acceptable service from the 0 bureau since they 
moved it to Kansas City. Sometimes more than a year between envelopes. The 
money I send seems to be used up much quicker than that though. Complaining 
about it just seems to make it worse. Wish I could figure out who my sorter 
is so that I could contact them directly. Or changing my 0 call for a 5 
call might be the answer.

A while back I got a rather curt e-mail from an SM ham who said that he had 
sent me a card via the bureau 2 years earlier and why hadn't I responded. I 
had to reply that I had never received his card to respond to. I did send 
him one direct since he was trying to finish up his WAS & he did send one 
back the same way (but no apology for the tone of his e-mailed message).

At 08:21 PM 8/7/03, Bob Wanderer wrote:
>Here's another "take" on the matter, insofar as DX QSLs are
>In December 2002, the W0 bureau informed me that I had cards
>there but had run out of "envelope credits."  I promptly
>sent the requested amount.  Six months later -- no cards.  I
>e-mailed the W0 bureau manager.  He responded that the "0C"
>sorter was having personal problems, but did not indicate
>when this situation would be resolved.  Here it is, early
>August (another two months), and still no cards.
>Sometimes things are not what they seem!
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