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Ron Notarius WN3VAW wn3vaw at fyi.net
Fri Aug 8 21:15:11 EDT 2003

Isn't it just a might early to write off Logbook of the World?  We've been
waiting for it for years, and now that it's almost here and we can
participate in the beta, it's already not effective?

One must give things a chance!  Even eQSL didn't have alleged millions &
millions of QSO's listed overnight!

However, I would definitely agree that there is a contingent of eQSL zealots
who have preaching long and loud that their's is the only way to go, and
many of these are indeed sowing confusion.  There should be no confusion.
While both systems are, in essence, databases of logs, eQSL provides a
graphic file that is supposed to substitute for a QSL card, and some related
QSL services for a small fee; while LotW will provide secure electronic
confirmations for the purposes of ARRL (and eventually other) award programs
(but no QSL services).

73, ron wn3vaw

Klaatu Barada Niktu

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Ed  N1UR  said: """"Its funny that this discussion is happening on the =
eve before the buro becomes almost obsolete..."""""

I don't think LOTW will be any more effective than the present QSL =
system. I've participated in the open beta test and the results are less =
than stellar. I submitted DXCC CW & Phone on 4 bands and to date don't =
even have DXCC Mixed confirmed on LOTW. The results are similar for WAS. =
I have several hundred QSO matches but not enough for any award except =
There have some informal studies about computer use in ham radio and =
they all come out the same. Except for a small select group, =
'contesters', there are very few stations totally integrated with a =
computer. I looked at my local community, because I think it's fairly =
representative of Amateur Radio in the US. and here's what I found: =
there are @125 licensed hams, 2 are full-time contest stations and fully =
integrated w/computers. There are 2 part-time contesters and are not =
integrated w/computers. There are 2 integrated stations who are not  =
contesters. There are @10 who do any computer logging and of those 10, 5 =
would have cardiac arrest trying to figure out how to make a submission =
to LOTW.
Then, of course, there is the confusion caused by eQSL. There is a small =
faction, but a noisy one, who believe eQSL is the future of QSLing.
The bottom line is don't expect any better results from LOTW than the =
present system until the overall ham community catches up to us in the =
contesting community......

MAL                N7MAL
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