[CQ-Contest] 2002 ARRL 10m NIL review

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Thu Aug 14 04:20:03 EDT 2003

I just finished looking into the not-in-log contacts I lost credit for in 
the 2002
ARRL 10m contest.  I decided to contact the stations involved as review of
the recording I made of the contest after receiving my LCR suggested that
all three Qs sounded good from my side.

Of the three, two were with EU & one was an NA station.  All three called me
during my run.

The NA station was logging with his day-to-day logging software & in the
manual conversion to create a Cabrillo file from it, a number of Qs were lost,
including mine.

One of the EU stations didn't log me, though he had asked for me to resend
his number several times & in the end, he repeated it back to me, which I
confirmed, but then he disappeared.  He is certain we worked, but unable to
figure out why he failed to log the Q.

The other EU station busted three letters of my call - VR6G (a potentially
understandable bust that could have been missed in the log checking process)
& additionally may have submitted a Cabrillo entry with mucked up sent
serial numbers.

Lessons learned: Other than being extremely conservative in deciding when
to log a contact (by not logging even Qs where the other guy clearly got my
exchange but I can't be 100% certain that he heard me confirm that he got
it okay), there is little I can do to tell at the time I'll later loose 
credit & take a
penalty for something going wrong on the other end.

I will also pay a little more attention to my final Cabrillo file before 
in future, as I'd rather not have someone take a hit unnecessarily as I have

Thanks to the three stations involved, N1ND for getting me the LCR file & all
the recent good stuff being done at the Contest Branch - as well as K8CC 
for his
log checking work.

73, VR2BrettGraham

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