[CQ-Contest] Quite possibly the youngest team ever assembled!

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Thu Aug 14 11:43:14 EDT 2003

This is so cool, I can't stand it!


From: <ke9r at ke9r.com>
Date: 2003/08/14 Thu AM 12:15:24 CDT
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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Quite possibly the youngest team ever assembled!

KU5B, KE9R, LU1FAM, K3OOO, and AF4QZ are happy to announce quite possibly
the youngest YL & YM team to ever be assembled for radiosport!

		A Princes and Four Lids !!

We've all read up on Chapter 10 of Jim's big book of contesting and are
pumped full of ENTHUSIASM and MOTIVATION. We are pretty sure we will win,
but if we don't, we're entirely sure we will shower the bands with more
style and crispness than you OM ops have seen for quite a long time.

We have assembled a webpage, a point of rally, a call to arms at:


There you can enjoy some pre-contest tunes to pump up with, along with
our lovely bios. Be noted however that our operating plans are being
closely guarded and all that will be known until 18 hour hits the fan
is that all the YM ops will be raising the King and sending 'Elvis'
along with their respective locations. Our lovely YL op will be sending
an appropriate 'Princess'. We understand if you feel a need to exclaim
the King during your exchange with us. We entirely expect that and have
adjusted for it.

So, as Adam would say, y'all get on and work us! We'll be the vanguard
of the next generation which will take care of you OM ops when you get
old, when you need us to turn the amp on for you!

Median age is 18. Collective ages are: KU5B 15, KE9R 23, LU1FAM 22,
K3OOO 13, and AF4QZ 20.

73's from all of the team,

de Greg KE9R

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