[CQ-Contest] Vicious CQWW Virus

Zack Widup w9sz at prairienet.org
Wed Aug 20 15:59:09 EDT 2003

Looks like a worm at work.  What happened most likely is that someone
received the e-mail you described from the CQ-Contest robot and then got
the virus/worm.  The worm program picked that e-mail at random out of
the e-mails they had saved and used it as the text for the e-mail it sent 
out to their address book. It also attached the worm as the 
"All-bdxcc.xls.scr" file.

I think whoever writes these viruses and worms should be given 20 years in
the electric chair and then hanged.

73, Zack W9SZ

On Wed, 20 Aug 2003, Bruce Sawyer wrote:

> I recently received email from somebody identified as "DXCC Robot" and
> containing a very suspicious looking attachment.  The actual email address
> was unreplyable at mail.ru.  The message body began as follows:
> "Thank you for your participation in the CQ WW contest. Your electronic log
> submission is appreciated.  Unfortunately, our robot was unable to process
> your Cabrillo log file
> as submitted because it appears to be missing some critical information.
> Below you will find a list of the problems that were encountered in
> attempting to process your log, as well as a
> corresponding set of remedies..."
> Then followed the attachment, which was named "All-bdxcc.xls.scr".
> Needless to say, I routed this thing to the bit bucket without opening it.
> But I'll  have to admit, this is one of the more clever ruses I've seen to
> get me to open an attachment.
> Bruce, N6NT

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