[CQ-Contest] Legal issues working Irag?

VE5ZX ve5zx at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 2 16:32:13 EST 2003

> Huh?!  I must be missing something in your question.  Perhaps there are

The question was posted as a result of reading the following statement in
'MARS operations begin in Iraq, more operators sought' at

"Several American amateurs have been reported operating on the ham bands
from Iraq , but this activity is problematic since all regular reciprocal
licensing in Iraq expired with the removal of the Saddam Hussein

Sylvan, VE5ZX

> some countries where it's illegal to communicate with a ham in Iraq, but I
> don't think Canada is one of them.  If you are asking whether there might
> be some penalty from the CQ WW committee, I can't imagine why as long as
> the stations on both ends were following all the rules in their country.
> 73,
> Tim Totten, n4gn at n4gn.com
> http://www.n4gn.com

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