[CQ-Contest] Log Checking Question

Bob Naumann - N5NJ n5nj at gte.net
Tue Dec 2 21:29:31 EST 2003

If you actually worked these stations and they logged you (In Log), then by
definition, you cannot be "Not In Log".  Do not delete the duplicate qsos.

The extra logging of qsos with these stations will simply be flagged as
dupes and not count against you.


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> During a 15 m USA run late in the contest, I noted a number of stations
> duped me where I had the original contact around the same time. It appears
> as if I was logging stations who were actually working someone else. I
> a note of these dupes during the contest. I was tempted to delete the
> original QSO at that time, but wasn't sure if I would get penalized for a
> NIL on the original QSO in my log.
> So, the question is, do I get dinged for a NIL in this situation? If so,
> then I should have removed the 1st QSO as I was tempted to do.
> The tough question is, if I know I'll get dinged for a NIL, and I made the
> notes during the contest, should I remove them now. (Flame Suit Donned)
> 73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT
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