[CQ-Contest] Improper packet spotting?

K0LUZ k0luz at topsusa.com
Wed Dec 3 16:35:57 EST 2003


No doubt not because it wasn't available,  but you simply didn't try to get
a zone 5 in USA until you took an inventory of what you still needed.
Packet would help you to the tune of about 16.3 seconds sooner (your results
may vary).  Not to say that packet doesn't have its place,  but the given
example ain't one of em.

73 Red
K0LUZ (N4WW op)

-----Original Message-----

>I'd argue it's fine in principle, however the motivation and ethicality (is
that even a word?) may >be in question.  All those stations are zone and
country multipliers.  I know I didn't work zone 5 >on 20M until the last few
hours of the contest, but I'd have found someone sooner if I ran assisted.

>73 de Al, KE1FO

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