[CQ-Contest] CQWWDX Contest Out of call area operation

BobK8IA at aol.com BobK8IA at aol.com
Thu Dec 4 18:09:22 EST 2003

In a message dated 12/4/2003 3:54:18 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
k7acz at cox.net writes:

> I would like to throw out a question that is not clear in the rules
> (at least not to me).
> This situation pertains to domestic, CONUS 48 states call areas.  Ham
> A lives in a call area with a large number of hams, therefore more
> competition to him during the contest.  However, he has a vanity call
> sign for a different call area in a different CQ Zone than where he is
> physically located.  He enters the contest using his assigned call
> (but the call does not match his actual location nor his actual CQ
> Zone).  
> Scores and awards are listed BY CALL AREAS.  In this situation who is
> he competing against?  Is he competing against people in the call area
> of his license even if he is in a different call area and CQ Zone? 
> Seems as if he should be compelled to sign his call, portable as to
> the number for the call area and zone he is actually transmitting
> from.  Will the contest gurus list him according to the address used
> on his log placing him in the call area where he was actually located
> or will he be listed in the call area of his license?

I certainly see your point, as I am one of those hams with a callsign 
(originally in MI and now in AZ) that neither indicates its"proper" zone or call 
area. Fortunately both major sponsors make a strong effort to make sure the 
results are listed in the call area the entrant actually operated in. ARRL does a 
better job of this, but CQ is taking special heed after several errors last 

I, for one, wouldnt have a problem signing K8IA/7 but as long as the rules 
dont require it I sure wont. I do have to take special efforts to make sure that 
the "other end" knows I am in Zone 3. My way is (say I am calling CQ at 
28wpm), I send the 5nn at 32wpm and then drop back to 24wpm for the 03. It 
emphasizes that "03" and gets the point across fairly well. 

By the way, not all of us with 2 letter calls are "Vanity Calls" as you put 
it. A lot of us got these callsigns way before the FCC initiated the vanity 
call program. There certainly isnt any call available out here in seven-land 
worth giving this one up for. ;-)

73,Bob K8IA
someplace near Apache Junction, Arizona USA
in the shadow of the Superstition Mtns 

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