Fw: [CQ-Contest] Dupes vs. Not in Log

Rex Maner k7qq at netzero.net
Fri Dec 5 07:10:32 EST 2003


Another way to handle this is if he says QSO B-4 in any contest that doesn't
require a SN is to log him then and move on.  The times won't agree but he
has said Q B-4 so if your in his log and he is in yours all should be OK
except U might have his call in your log B-4 incorrectly. Then you get
dinged.   On SSB better to get it straight, ask what time Q B-4 and check it

.02 worth


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> On 4 Dec 2003 at 8:39, WA7VNI wrote:
> > What should I do? Do I say "no, not in my log" or just let
> > it go. Neither of these stations were mult's for me so the
> > loss on my part was minimal and I just let it pass.
> I usually say "NIL", but if it's no mult, I don't get too
> crazy over it...if it's a mult, I try real hard to make the
> guy work me again.  Sometimes, I'll just let it go
> entirely, satisfied in the knowledge that the other guy is
> going to lose a Q.
> > Seems like it would be best for both parties to get it
> > fixed but what would you as the Op "with too many dupes"
> > prefer me to do if you say I'm in your log but you are
> > not in mine?
> Odds are if you call me and you're in my log, I'm just
> going to work you again and not even mention it.  That's by
> far the best way to handle it.
> Arguing about it slows everybody down.  If I was stupid
> enough to refuse to work you again and I'm not in your log,
> my stupidity gets repayed at log-checking time with an NIL.
> As they say, YMMV...but it shouldn't!
> 73 de Lee
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