[CQ-Contest] Re: Dupes

k1dg at ix.netcom.com k1dg at ix.netcom.com
Fri Dec 5 17:28:53 EST 2003

WI9WI9WI/W9 said:

>Folks like Jose P40E, Jeff KP3Z and Jim ZD8Z sign their call after every 
>QSO and consistently come out on top. 

Actually...they don't ALWAYS sign! But they do it often enough for the situation that it seems like they do. Nobody ever needs to ask them who they are.

These guys (and the other top guys) know how often to sign their call to keep the rhythm going and the rate flowing. Sign every time when you have a few callers, and you are slowing yourself down. Sign too infrequently, and you invite loud "CL??" calls on top of the guys you are trying to work and it slows you down.

There are a lot of guys who do not sign often enough. 4 minutes, 20 QSOs, argh. They are slowing everyone else down and probably being mis-logged as well. If they end up with a lot of NILs, it serves them right.

Nobody knows how often to sign the call when you've been spotted with the wrong call and the "point-click-ENTER" crowd descends upon you like the plague of packet-crutch-addicted duping locusts they are.


Doug K1DG

p.s. I may operate a bit in the ARRL 160M contest this weekend. If you want to spot me on packet, it's OK with me. Please spot lots of other stations too, from lots of other radio clubs. And make sure you get my call right if you spot me or people will get mad at you. I will try to send my callsign correctly, so please try to type it correctly. Thank you.

p.p.s. I'm now QSYing up 10, 'cause there's another loud K1 up 5...

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