[CQ-Contest] my FRIEND is spotting me

Bob Naumann - N5NJ n5nj at gte.net
Sat Dec 6 06:05:11 EST 2003

Leigh - your input is well thought out, and I think clarifies the issue very
well - thanks!

I do have a couple of comments below:

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From: "Leigh S. Jones" <kr6x at kr6x.com>

> 1) Spot stations during a contest when your true intent is to aid the
scores of those who receive the spot over the spotting network -- never spot
a station when your true intent is to aid the score of the station being
spotted. <

I see this as a very strong foundation for a rule that would address this

> Clearly this is an easy principle to understand, and if it were being
practiced by the contesting community then we'd all be happier.  The trouble
is that it's not the kind of rule that can be enforced. <

Agreed, but until now, we don't even have acceptable behavior defined.  This
is a great start.

> It invites rule breaking.  We actually need a rule that can be enforced,
so this one is quite inappropriate.  Nevertheless, it is a thought provoking
idea to discuss.<

The CQ rule regarding "passive" and "active" packet use is partially
addressing this issue, but the problem goes far beyond that.

> Ah, but this might run into objections from the club membership.  It
actually irks me, though, that these objections would be likely.  I can
imagine the discussions at club meetings, and especially at meetings of
clubs that regularly  encourage members to spot members.  Stuff being said
like "I thought we started this packet net to help our club scores -- why
would we stop the practice?" <

Precisely the point - and also this flawed opinion needs to be corrected.
"We" started this packet net in order to help our friends and club members
find and work new multipliers - not to solicit Qsos for them or to offer
them as a potential multiplier for others.

K1TTT made some historical remarks about this the other day, but the history
goes back even further.  Packet replaced the local spotting networks on FM.
There are those of us who actually remember the days of listening to 2
meters for transmissions like:

"15 meters, 15 meters; Three Delta Two Fox Juliet, Three Delta Two Fox
Juliet; Twenty One Two Twenty One, Twenty One Two Twenty One, Three Delta
Two Fox Juliet; Fiji "

Sharing of DX information with your friends and club members was the intent.

Now, the limits of that have been stretched too far, and despite the "up 5"
attitude some are taking, this is a contest ethics issue that needs to be
discussed, and in my opinion, should cause some rules to be created that
address the issue.  Sure, enforcement may be difficult, but the point is
that what should be acceptable behavior is not properly defined and it needs
to be.


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