[CQ-Contest] my FRIEND is spotting me

Russell Hill rustyhill at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 6 09:26:43 EST 2003

Very Nice, Hans.

My gal asks:  If a contester pays professionals to put up his tower, as I
paid a professional to dig a hole, do the steel cage, and supervise the
concrete pour for the base, then is he (or I) now "professionally assisted"
in an "amateur" activity and therefore disqualified from even participating?

Come to think of it, I probably shouldn't even be using a commercially
produced rig, nor should I check the internet for propagation forecasts.

I have never used packet, if fact do not even know how to, but I have had
the philosophy that packet use by a single operator himself  is simply
another (attention diverting) tool at his disposal.  And with the flood of
spotting which obviously occurs, how can anyone possibly police who spots
whom, and why?

I personally believe all of us operate in all phases of life within our own
personal system of right and wrong, and right or wrong means different
things to different folks.  Those who would win at all costs have different
personal beliefs than others who desire to win playing by other personal
beliefs. Arguing about beliefs probably won't change much.

I'll be up 5.

73, Rusty

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> >
> > Perhaps, it is a subtle thing, but I do see such even loosely organized
> > planned spotting as cheating.
> >
> > *Truly random* spotting of friends or acquaintances is not a problem.
> > issue is, should you avoid the issue altogether and just not spot
> to
> > avoid any appearance of impropriety?  Some are suggesting that you
> >
> > 73,
> > Bob N5NJ
> The solution is simple.  Just before the contest, flame all your buddies
> and acquaintences on the reflector.  Then they'll be pissed off at you and
> won't be your friend for a couple of days, so you can spot them at will
> no one will be able to accuse you of spotting your friends.
> Actually I think you all are in danger of heart damage from all this
> mountain climbing amongst the molehills.
> I'll be on 160 this weekend, but since I just pissed you all off, you can
> spot me as much as you want.  If no-one spots me, then I'll assume you're
> all still my friends.
> 73, de Hans, K0HB
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