[CQ-Contest] Dupes

Jan Erik Holm sm2ekm at telia.com
Sat Dec 6 18:58:02 EST 2003

Yes about the same. We had 318 dupes in a 11490 QSO log
so that´s even less then some of these figures. Guess
that´s what you have to expect. I suppose I´m not used to
logs with that many Q´s, you hardly get that operating from
Sweden, last time I was part of a +10000 QSO deal was SK2KW
M/M more then 20 years ago and that was no computers.

73 cu in next one / SM2EKM

Tom Frenaye wrote:

>>--- Jan Erik Holm <sm2ekm at telia.com> wrote:
>>>however I still think 318 dupes was too much.
> Interesting question.   Looking back at previous logs here we usually have about 100 dupes in a 3000 QSO log, and 140 dupes in a 4000 QSO log and 175 in a 5000 QSO log.  I bet K3LR W3LPL and KC1XX end up with 250 or more in their 9000 QSO logs.   A few years ago I operated at HC8N and the final log showed nearly 700 dupes in a 17k QSO log.    There's probably some information on this that log checkers could pull from the database to show what is "normal".
> There are a lot of reasons for duplicate QSOs.  Packet mistakes are certainly one but even before packet there were lots of dupes.   Many of the smaller scores are from casual participants who are not using computers - they may not be tracking who they've worked at all.   We just work them, log them, and don't worry about it.
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