[CQ-Contest] ARRL 160 & DX Particpation

David A. Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Mon Dec 8 15:48:23 EST 2003

Thanks to K2KW for clarifying this point.

What Ken and some of the other DX entries in the ARRL 160M contest are 
asking for is simple recognition of their efforts.  DX entries *are* legit 
- they're in the rules.  So why then is there not a Top Ten box for DX entries?

A similar situation happened many years ago with ARRL SS, where multi-op 
entries were "unofficial" for many years, and hence had no awards or 
recognition other than line scores.  This position was ultimately changed, 
and with enough interest, this can be too.

Also, take note of K3LR's note about writing your CAC representative and 
making your feelings known.  While the CAC does not make the rules, if your 
CAC rep knows your position, they can be better prepared to represent you 
if the issue comes to a head.  Contesters in the Great Lakes Division take 
note; I am your CAC representative.


Dave Pruett, K8CC

At 05:37 AM 12/8/03 +0000, KEN SILVERMAN wrote:
>Please read my original message again.  There is nothing in there about
>changing the rules.  Maybe this is clearer:  DX entries are currently listed
>in the line items in the back.  All I am proposing is recognition up front
>in the write up, in the form of a top-5 box for the various categories DX
>ops can enter.  The rules officially allow US to work DX and DX to work US.
>I DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE THIS.  Rather than relegate DX to obscurity of
>unrecognized line items, I am proposing official recognition be given to DX
>scores - up front.  Let DX compete amongst themselves for top DX entry.
>The ARRL DX Contest has pretty much the same format:  everyone works the US.
>Yet in that contest, recognition is given to DX operations.
>Again, my suggestion has nothing to do with changing the rules.  Just giving
>proper recognition to the achievements of stations who are already an
>integral part of the contest.
>Kenny K2KW
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> > Wait just a 'DANG' minute. Why can't we US hams have our own contests? The
> > rest of the world has contests which don't favor us. Why is it we think we
> > must pander to every single whiner? U.S. ham-radio doeesn't need to pander
> > to more groups who won't subscribe to the magazines, add no benefit to our
> > contesting efforts, and in no way improve ham-radio in the U.S.A.
> > Let us show some pride, these are our contests with our rules, if you
> > like it don't participate.
> > To the 6Y5 guys, how many weekends a year now are there contests you can
> > participate, for full credit, 5, 10, 15 ? In other words there are plenty.
> > rule change, for the sake of making a rule change, which benefits no one
> > the U.S. is a 100% ridiculous idea and will ultimately dilute the contest.
> >
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> >
> >
> > Comments From 3830
> >
> > >Call: W1AO
> > >I agree with ZF2NT's comments regarding the scoring for DX stations.
> >
> > >Call: W8CAR
> > > I think it's time to 'fix' this test by allowing better DX
> >
> > Guys, If you really want to see some changes in the ARRL 160m Contest,
> > please write N1ND and tell him so.
> >
> > Just this week I was corresponding with Dan about this very issue, and I
> > don't think he understands the interest there is regarding DX
> > in this contest. When we were in 6Y last weekend, N6BT and I were looking
> > for different contests to play in, and we both like 160m.  We would be
> > interested in doing an operation from 6Y in this contest.  But...
> >
> > It's worthless to do any kind of DXpedition effort, since there is zero
> > recognition to DX stations.  I think that would rapidly change should
> > be a top-five set of boxes for the various categories for DX participants.
> > Even if the DX recognition was relegated to the ARRL website, it would
> > be
> > official recognition.  K3BU keeps an unofficial tally for acheivements in
> > this contest, but people don't want
> > to seriously compete for unofficial recognition.  I view the ARRL 160
> > contest as
> > having a very similar format as the ARRL DX Contest, which is an "Everyone
> > Work the USA" type of Contest.  DX gets recognized in that contest, why
> > in the ARRL 160 contest?
> >
> > Recognizing DX does not change the format of the contest at all - the
> > contest
> > will always be an "Everyone Works the USA" type contest.
> > Giving credit to DX accomplishments  simply
> > recognizes efforts in which the contest actively seeks involvement.  If DX
> > wasn't encouraged or a desired component of this contest, it would not and
> > should not be allowed in the scoring.
> >
> > Kenny K2KW
> >
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