[CQ-Contest] The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge VIII

Lew lew at teleport.com
Mon Dec 8 13:42:42 EST 2003

      The Boring Amateur Radio Club would like to thank the ARRL for 
recently completing the warm up competition for the 8th running of the 
Stew Perry TopBand Challenge which will rock the ionosphere Dec. 27-28.
      The rules may be perused at:
      Now you know which hardware improvements/adjustments/renovations 
should be done to optimize your unique situation...or not. Anybody from 
hard-core icons of TopBand wizardry to the Newbie who just found out the 
radio has a spot next to that big dial that says 1.8 can make a few or a 
lot of Q's.
      Recognition for Participants come from the competitors themselves 
by sponsoring plaques for situations that they feel are important. The 
donor Stalwarts and categories already spoken for are listed below:
Sponsor                 Category
KL7RA              Top QSO Total
K1PX               Top Score, Single Op, Europe, Low Power
VK6VZ              Top Score using Home-brew gear (VK5AX memorial-winner
                       receives RFDS Cap)
WA9IRV             Top Score by Operator of own Station in
N5IA               Most Grid Squares worked
N5UL               Top Score, Single Op, Low Power
Horned Toad Wireless  Top Score, Single Op, Low Power, Rest of World
W7GG               Top Score, Single Op, QRP
BARC               Top Score by a Plaque Donor

      You want immortality? You want fame? You see a category that needs 
channeling through you for expression in the TopBand world?  Then simply 
commit to spend $50.00 and impart that idea to me. First come....first 
spoken for...first get! Several Stalwarts are pondering their categories 
as we speak so decide upon one and e-mail me directly. This Contest is 
what we all make it...and we all make it fun. The plaques from the 2002 
event have all been sent out and should be arriving at the plaque 
winners QTH's currently.
      73 and I remain,
      Lew  W7EW/W7AT
      Boring Amateur Radio Club
      P.O.Box 3110
      Salem, OR. 97302
         lew at teleport.com

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