[CQ-Contest] Contest computer - here's what I did

Steve Maki steve at oakcom.com
Fri Dec 12 19:57:52 EST 2003

N4ZR wrote:

>The excruciating experience in question involved an attempt to transfer my 
>Win98SE setup complete from a 200 MHz Pentium MMX on a Baby AT motherboard 
>to a 1700+ Athlon.  Because the motherboards were so different, I had a TON 
>of BIOS and registry problems, which took me almost a month to get 
>fixed.  Anything that is different in the hardware configuration between 
>the two boards will cause problems, that can be maddeningly hard to 
>find.  but simply using the same OS is NO guarantee of a smooth transition.


Starting with W95, but especially with all of the flavors of NT, the
OS is basically married to your hardware.

One method that is relatively painless (as painless as a MS OS can
be anyway) is to simply reinstall the OS on top of the old one, let
the new devices get redetected, and then reinstall all your software
into their default directories. I know, it sounds like you started from
scratch, but most of your application's ini and config files, and your
data files will still be right where they're expected to be, and it
does save a lot of time.

Steve K8LX

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