[CQ-Contest] Six Meter Contest

ve3kz ve3kz at allstream.net
Tue Dec 16 08:43:17 EST 2003

That is a great idea! Anybody who worked the last 10m contest has some idea
what such a contest on 6 would be like. (at least this far north) I have
enjoyed the SixClub contests in the past but a major sponsor would really
increase participation.

73 Bob VE3KZ

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>      Having just operated the ARRL 10 Meter Contest this weekend, I think
> one of the big contest sponsors (ARRL, CQ, or maybe NCJ) should sponsor a
> similar Six Meter Contest.  Six Meters is a great band, and is the obvious
> gateway band to getting both non-HF ops exposed to contest and HF-style
> operating, and getting HF ops exposed to VHF.  In North America, the only
> meter single band contests are sponsored by fairly obscure groups and have
> predictably low participation.  I can understand the ARRL not wanting to
> sponsor six or seven single band VHF+ contests like they used to do (the
> former ARRL Spring Sprints) but surely a big Six Meter contest would be a
> great thing.
>      The 10 Meter could be a guide for format.  The entry categories would
> by Single-Op CW (H/L/Q), Single-Op Phone (H/L/Q), Single-Op Mixed (H/L/Q),
> and Multi-op.  Assuming the possibility of Eskip is important, maybe make
> W/VE works everyone, DX works W/VE, and hold it on, let's say, the third
> weekend of May, Saturday 1200 UTC through 0600 UTC Sunday.  Exchange is
> scoring is QSOs by grids.  Or something like that.
>      Wouldn't that be fun?
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