[CQ-Contest] Help w/ Logging

Rex Maner k7qq at netzero.net
Wed Dec 17 14:10:05 EST 2003

What happens with K1CC/KH6 who was sending a SN from HI,  I didn't try to
get him to change his exchange just worked him and logged what he sent.  He
doesn't show in the Log as a mult, but it turns out that was the only  KH6
mult I worked and it isn't shown,  Will the checkers program to pick him up
as the correct Mult.


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> At 05:44 AM 12/16/03 +0000, Rex Maner wrote:
> >I logged 4 Q's with WA. stations on SSB but only desire a CW Only entry.
> >
> >Should I leave them in the Log with a note, or remove them and send a
> >second log with those 4 Q's.
> Here's the official word from the logcheckers:
> For the ARRL 10M Contest, the CATEGORY field in your Cabrillo file
> establishes your category.  Any out-of-category QSOs will not be credited
> to your score.  So in Rex's case, he should send the entire log and the
> four SSB QSOs will not be included in his score.  These WILL, however be
> used to cross check the logs of the SSB stations he worked, so they will
> not get NIL'd.
> We used to let our software determine the category, but there were enough
> "hey, I worked a few of my buddies on the opposite mode" cases that this
> was the answer to support them.
> Everyone should check their Cabrillo file to be sure the correct category
> is indicated, particularly with mixed mode entries.
> Dave/K8CC

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