[CQ-Contest] Help w/ Logging

Bob Naumann - N5NJ n5nj at gte.net
Wed Dec 17 08:42:42 EST 2003

For clarification (de AA4GA):

>> Responses below

The question is:  If I operate 15m single band, but make a 
dozen Qs on 10 meters as the result of QSY requests, but 
only submit a log with 15m QSOs, will the guys I worked on 
10m be penalized because they are NIL?

>> The answer is yes.  You have submitted a log, and it does not contain qsos that someone else is claiming with you.  

I heard offline from K8CC as far as the 10m contest 
goes...per Dave, they would lose the QSOs.  Is this the 
same for CQWW?

>>  Yes.  The underlying logic that Cabrillo employs supports this.

I seriously want to know because I don't want to make Qs 
which the other guy will lose in case I strip out the non-
entry bands.  (yes, I realize that Cabrillo theoretically 
should classify me correctly based on my header info, even 
with the off-band QSOs still in the log)

>> The question is, why would you not report qsos that you made?  It's always been OK to make qsos on bands other than the one you were working on for your entry.  In days past, you had to submit a seperate log sheet, make note of it on your summary sheet, or some other manual work-around.  The Cabrillo format allows you to specify what category you enter, and log processing only counts those qsos that contribute to the category you have indicated.


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