[CQ-Contest] Help w/ Logging

David L. Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 17 15:33:24 EST 2003

Wait a minute.  If a station works CW or a single band in a contest but
works a few friends on say 20 SSB then submits his log for say 80CW why
should he submit the 20 SSB QSOs in the same log?   The log checking
software should only NIL contacts made with that station on 80 CW if they
bust his call or are truly NIL.

I think if this is true we are making the checking too complicated.  The log
checking should understand that he is a 80CW entry and all other contacts
would be unique the first time on 20 SSB and then not unique after the
second QSO is found.  The cross checking software should show 4 entries for
20SSB if all four send in a log.  I think we are mixing apples and oranges.

I think that the station should send in a check log for 20SSB in any case.

Are we getting away from the KISS concept??

73 Dave K4JRB

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