[CQ-Contest] Help w/ Logging

Bob Naumann - N5NJ n5nj at gte.net
Wed Dec 17 22:57:43 EST 2003

K4JRB said:

> Wait a minute.  If a station works CW or a single band in a contest but w=
orks a few friends on say 20 SSB then submits his log for say 80CW why shou=
ld he submit the 20 SSB QSOs in the same log? =

> I think that the station should send in a check log for 20SSB in any case=
> Are we getting away from the KISS concept??

By allowing for these qsos to be in the same log file, it actually makes it=
 easier for the station submitting the log.  Isn't that simpler?

I did just this in the 10m contest.  I entered as only CW, but at one point=
, I spun the dial up to SSB to find my pal AA5NT who only operates SSB.  We=
 chatted for a few minutes, and then had an official QSO on SSB - my only S=
SB qso.

Here's some of my Cabrillo file:


(And later on:)
QSO: 28006 CW 2003-12-14 1320 N5NJ          599     TX N5CHA         599   =
  TX =

QSO: 28005 CW 2003-12-14 1331 N5NJ          599     TX HK1HHX        599   =
 553 =

QSO: 28022 CW 2003-12-14 1357 N5NJ          599     TX P40K          599   =
1833 =

QSO: 28455 PH 2003-12-14 1431 N5NJ           59     TX AA5NT          59   =
  TX =

QSO: 28017 CW 2003-12-14 1433 N5NJ          599     TX KR5V          599   =
  TX =

QSO: 28015 CW 2003-12-14 1901 N5NJ          599     TX VE7JKZ        599   =
  BC =

QSO: 28014 CW 2003-12-14 1901 N5NJ          599     TX N6RO          599   =
  CA =

QSO: 28009 CW 2003-12-14 1903 N5NJ          599     TX LT1F          599   =
2698 =


As you can see, AA5NT's SSB qso is in there with all the other CW Qsos and =
I have entered this contest as CW only.

The log checking process will not count AA5NT's qso towards my score, but w=
ill confirm AA5NT's qso that he claims with me.  If I did not have his qso =
in my log, he would get a NIL.

I think we all (especially those of use who know what it was like to do all=
 this with a pencil and paper) that things are different now, and people do=
n't look at the log entries and make those judegement calls that might have=
 been possible when it was a completely manual process.  =

The computer log processing system does not allow for more than one log to =
be submitted for a single callsign.  It recognizes the last log submitted a=
s the correct log.

Bob N5NJ

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