[CQ-Contest] CB QRM in 10m test

k1ttt at arrl.net k1ttt at arrl.net
Thu Dec 18 06:44:20 EST 2003

the fcc has a way to report stuff like that.  if you just send the link to
rholling at fcc.gov he will either get it or send you the notice that has the
reporting procedure in it.

also on the comments about cb receivers hearing 10m.  i frequently hear
what sounds like poor image rejection on their transmitters.  where way
overpower stations on 27025 or 27085 (for some reason those seem to be the
high power channels in louisiana) splatter way up into the 10m band.  if
you are listening on ssb it just sounds like light buckshot, but switch to
AM and open up your filters and sometimes you can almost understand what
they are saying... over a mhz and half a country away.  they must be
running the 84kw mobile amps at http://www.davemade.com/mobile.htm !

> I lost a few QSOs to the QRM generated by the radios for sale at the link
> below. If the FCC can stop the sale/manufacture of amps for the general
> public that are 28MHz capable, why can't they stop the manufacture of
> these
> radios?
> http://secure.cartsvr.net/catalogs/index.asp?category=213490
> Matt--K7BG

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