[CQ-Contest] CB QRM in 10m test (opposite)

Chuck k3ft at erols.com
Fri Dec 19 17:08:57 EST 2003

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From: "Chuck Dietz" <w5pr at swbell.net>

I am a little uncomfortable with talk of intentionally QRMing an ongoing
communication even if it is unlicensed.  , I don't think it is proper to
intentionally or systematically QRM
 them.  We are a country of laws, not "self-help" policing.

 Chuck W5PR

de K3FT

The FCC has stated that it is NOT illegal to transmit atop illegal stations
that are operating inside the 10M  Amateur band. They were asked,
specifically, about that. Their reply was that a station operating ILLEGALLY
cannot, by definition be INTENTIONALLY INTERFERED with by a station
operating legally.

So the phrase 'Intentionally QRM'ing' does not apply.

The ONE proviso that WAS stated was that an amateur MUST listen to assure
themselves that the station they hear on IS an illegal. However, given the
fact that the illegals tend to operate AM/SSB in the CW section of the band,
use 'rogerbeeps' and such language as you'd get cited for, makes it pretty
plain. Plus directional antennas will tell you pretty quickly they 'ain't
comin' from YB!'.

Without PROACTIVE measures to make their life on OUR bands difficult, they
will continue to invade and usurp OUR bands and make our lives unpleasant.

It is FACT.. the FCC is currently not acting on the invasion. It is FACT
that unless we take action.. it will increase and get worse.

Contesters have the BEST stations and antennas for getting at these
illegals. We may not like it.. we may not enjoy it.. it may cut across what
we've been raised to believe is right.. but sometimes.. you JUST have to do
these things when the authorities won't/can't/aren't doing their jobs.

Remember! LISTEN FIRST! If it's a legal station you will know it pretty
quickly. If not.. GO GET EM!

(BTW.. if they are AM, tune off about 800-1000 Hz and send code practice!

Chuck K3FT
(p.s.. it's not just 10M.. it's other HF bands we contest upon too!)

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