[CQ-Contest] RAEM

Орлов А.Л. alo at udmurtneft.ru
Fri Dec 26 09:00:25 EST 2003

Dear contesters!

The "Soyuz Radioljubitelej Rossii" (Union of Radioamateurs of Russia) together with
the incorporated Central and Moscow radioclub of name E.T.Krenkel also are devoted
to a 100-anniversary from birthday E.T.Krenkel, SRR is pleased to announce the RAEM Contest.
0200  - 0959 UTC 28 December 2003, 8 hours.
The E.T.Krenkel Memorial, "RAEM Contest is to be held on the 4-th full weekend of December on the following amateur bands: 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 m.
Mode: CW only.

Rules for RAEM contest here http://www.srr.ru/CONTEST/Cup_R%20A%20E%20M_En.htm

The module for WriteLog here  http://ru3vd.newmail.ru/soft.dhtml (download RAEM.exe)

If who uses N6TR I can send cfg.dat file,


With the best regards,

Sandy RW4WR (RM4W)

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